Ever wanted to spin your own music like the DJ’s? Now is your chance! Turntable.fm is an up and coming social media trend that combines a virtual club for music lovers and the opportunity to share their creations in an exclusive way.

Turntable.fm can be tested via Facebook, Twitter, or download the app on your iPhone.  Once downloaded or accessed through their website, the user will select a DJ avatar that best represents their spinning potential. The more points you earn as you play, the better the avatars get.

Turntable.fm hosts a song library to choose from, or users can upload their own audio files. Once songs are selected, each person poses as a DJ in a room (up to 5 users in a room) and can take turns playing songs off their playlists. Each room is created by different users so that every musical taste is fulfilled.

Visitors in the room will listen to each DJ’s tunes and can vote the song as “lame” or “awesome.” If you receive an awesome vote it will lead to popularity points, which can open up new avatars for you to choose from. This competitive edge will keep the users coming back for more with the chance to upgrade their avatars.

This simple, yet addictive concept mix the joy of music with a competitive element – DJs are forced to consider which songs will fit the audience in the room and its current vibe.

Aspiring DJ’s get ready! What will be your first song to test out on the turntables?