The last couple of 'Star Trek Into Darkness' posters have showcased the crew of the Enterprise (and the ship itself) in a variety of dangerous situations, and now we have the man responsible for putting them all in danger in the first place. Yep, you've guessed it: Benedict Cumberbatch's mystery villain now has a poster of his own.

For those keeping track, we first had the poster featuring the Enterprise going down in flames, followed by one with Uhura under fire and yesterday we saw the "Spock in a Volcano" one-sheet. The latest 'Star Trek Into Darkness' poster isn't so easy to classify since it's just Mr. Cumberbatch looking very cool in his leather coat while sparks fly around him, but it does look like it comes from that fight scene we glimpsed in the newest trailer.

We've also spotted another one featuring Chris Pine as the Enterprise's fearless captain, so stay tuned for that one to premiere as well. In any case, we're excited to see Cumberbatch on screen; just think, he has his own character poster when we're supposed to have no idea who he's playing (SPOILER: google anything about the character and you'll probably find out).

As you can see on the poster below, 'Star Trek Into Darkness' opens on May 17. Click the image to download your own hi-res copy.