OK, I'm just about tired of seeing all sorts of fail all over the web. Facebook, reddit, Chive... You name it, it's all aboard the fail train. Luckily, the hot ladies over at Buzzfeed feel the same way. They know that it's not okay to duckface in a profile pic (but there are exceptions) when you could throw on a subtle lip bite. The double negative/attention whore postings are about to drive me to become the world's biggest asshole. Misspelling words! How in the world does this happen in a world of autocorrect and spellcheck!?!? Honestly, it drives me up the wall and I'm not a grammar nazi.

There are a ton of yuppy fails out there that can drive a person mad, but the one thing that really grinds my gears is a lack of google. Not just with my older family and friends. I don't mind the parents calling me for technical advice when they can't get the tv to work, or a program to download on their laptops. I'll proxy google all day and still come out on top as the "smart" child in our clan. But there is a complete lack of google in some of the younger generations. It goes completely backwards from what is normal. There is no excuse for having to instruct a high school and/or college student to google something. Not being on a PC is no excuse either. Google makes a damn phone app, download it or get used to seeing LMGTFY

Hit play and take notes. It's a new century and millennium. Act like it.