Porta Potty Causes Accident on the Highway [VIDEO]
This guy is definitely having a crappy day! I'm not sure how his day started out but whenever you encounter a porta potty in the middle of the highway while going full speed it usually ruins your entire day, or at the very least your afternoon.
Video Captures Fatal Motorcycle Crash [VIDEO]
WARNING: This video may be disturbing to some viewers! A man captures a video from his helmet cam of his own fatal motorcycle accident. A first person view of a horrific wreck that ultimately took the life of this motorcyclist.
Helmet Cam Captures Horrific Motorcycle Crash [VIDEO]
A couple of cyclists ripping down the roadway splitting traffic and narrowly dodging cars ends abruptly when one of them rear ends a vehicle. Check out this insane footage captured by a helmet cam from the person riding behind him, it's pretty scary.
Why You Don’t Make Fireworks at Home! [VIDEO]
It's been around for a few years now, but was just recently rediscovered. If you haven't seen this hilarious video of a guy making homemade fireworks yet hit play! For whatever reason this redneck is creating some explosive fun for Halloween, I know it makes no sense. Again it's a red…

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