Carly Rae Jespen — Crush of the Day
Today we’re crushing on singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jespen (who we already dubbed mind-numbingly hot), who is looking hotter than ever in the brand new video for her song ‘Good Time,’ a collaboration with Owl City.
Bruise Suicide — Today’s SuicideGirl
Meet Bruise, a SuicideGirl who gets hot over…wait for it…bruises. Does she mean bruises from rough sexual play or bruises from smashing knees against desks? We’ve got a TON of those. We’d be her dream guys.
Wait until she sees our zipper bruises.
Boom Suicide — Today’s SuicideGirl
Meet Boom – a 28-year-old SuicideGirl from the Keystone State who’s into video games, Bonnaroo, Deadmau5 (if you couldn’t tell from the headpiece) and the movie Catfish. She also hates cinnamon, which makes her a tiger.

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