All New Sport – Extreme Baby Rock Wall Climbing! [VIDEO]
Growing tired of the usual spectator sports? Well get ready for extreme baby rock wall climbing! With all the other junk on T.V. and reality shows this could have some potential. Kids as young as 11 months are taking to rock wall climbing and sadly doing a much better job of it than I could. Okay, s…
Baby Loves Nine Inch Nails [VIDEO]
Rock fans come in all shapes and sizes, including babies. This dad found the quickest and easiest way to stop his crying baby girl, just play some Nine Inch Nails! While most kids especially babies like soft sounds and lullabies, this one loves N.I.N. The reaction is hilarious, she starts dancing ar…
11 Adorably Embarrassing Examples of Baby Shaming
It all started with the 'Dogshaming' meme, where owners took to the Web to expose their misbehaving pooches. Then there was bunny shaming, which taught us that even those little guys can get into trouble. But that ain't got nothin' on the latest version -- baby shaming bring…
Fox News Anchor Makes Baby Cry
You might remember Titus, the free-throw wunderkind whose awesome talent sparked a viral video earlier this year. If not, here you go! Now that we've provided some context for this awesome toddler, let's watch a Fox News anchor make him cry.

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