base jumping

Base Jumpers Fall 500 Plus Feet and Samsh Into the Ground [VIDEO]
When it comes to extremes sports none are quite as dangerous and unforgiving as base jumping. Everything has to be right in order to walk away. These two guys decided it wasn't extreme enough so they attempted to base jump off the Perrine Bridge in Idaho. They've done it before, but this t…
Incredible GoPro Footage of Space Net Base Jump [VIDEO]
Some people have no fear and Matt Blank is definitely one of those people! Watch this incredible GroPro video of a base jump off the "Space Net" high above the desert in MOAB, Utah. Just when you think you've seen it all and there's no possible way it could get more …
Bike Base Jump Goes Horribly Wrong! [VIDEO]
This guy is lucky to be alive after a failed base jumping attempt. I guess the people filming never thought to stop him or mention the fact this is a really, really bad ideal. He jumped his bike off the side of a mountain and attempted to open a parachute, attempted to open!