Best Cosplay Photos From NYCC 2014
Though New York Comic Con 2014 kicked off this past Thursday, October 9, the high-profile panels and festivities bring out more intense fans, and that means more cosplayers. For those of you who can't attend the four-day-long nerd fest, check out our NYCC cosplay photo gallery and see what you&…
Batman Runs Through the City Streets [VIDEO]
A hilarious fan made Batman video that shows the Dark Knight running through the city streets. Well, kind of running. He's using his Batbike, but like Fred Flintstone. The reactions of everyone on the street is priceless. From laughter to horrified looks, this one's got it all. We've …
Five Best Batmans in Video Games (5×5)
We are vengeance. We are the night. We are the Batmen. You might think there's only room in the world for one Batman, but as we're about to show you, the universe is filled with all kinds of Batmans.

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