Grizzly Bear Vs. Electrified Deer Carcass [VIDEO]
This is amazing! Scientist were conducting an experiment to see if electricity would keep bears away from dead animals. Why? The ideal is hunters could use electricity to protect their kills and reduce their chances of a bear encounter. Well this bear figures a way around the problem pretty quick!
Cameraman Has a Close Encounter With an Alaskan Brown Bear [VIDEO]
A camper in Alaska has one of the closest encounters with a brown bear ever captured on video. He set up a camp near a river bank and began shooting video of the area when all of a sudden a huge brown bear stumbles into his campsite. Luckily the bear was more curious than anything else and the guy r…
Bear Strips Down and Does Laundry in Samsung Commercial [VIDEO]
For me it's a first, I don't remember seeing this add last year. Back in January 2013 Samsung shot a commercial for their Eco Bubble washing machines and other products. The shoot at Manning Park in British Columbia was interrupted by a big brown bear who needed to use their washing machin…
Crazy Man Slaps a Wild Bear Right on the Butt [VIDEO]
This has to rank in the top 10 stupidest things you could ever do to a wild bear, slap it on the butt. For some reason most people view wildlife like it's a Disney film, sure some animals are cute, but even the cute ones can maul, kill and eat you! This  guy gets it in his head to sneak up…

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