Giant Yellow Anaconda Found in Brazil! [VIDEO]
This is one big a** snake! It's the real life version of the cheesy 90's horror flick Anaconda. A couple of Brazilian fisherman on a river spot and take video of a gigantic snake as they attempt to fish. This snake is beyond large, it has to be the biggest anaconda ever! It looks like a se…
Nightclub Fire Kills Hundreds in Brazil
The death toll in a horrific nightclub fire in Brazil as risen to 232, according to news sources. This number is updated from the original count of 245 first reported by local news sources.
A fire started at the Boate Kiss nightclub around 2 AM in the southern city of Santa Maria...
Miss Bum Bum Brazil — Our Kind of Beauty Pageant
Fed up with all the class and grace of a regular beauty pageant? Do you wish all beauty pageants would just trim the pretense and get down to just, you know, judging the contestants by the shape and plumpitude of their lower back sides?