An Animated Short Film – The Anatomical Bust! [VIDEO]
Hilarious! A brilliant short film about a kid who's struggling with the perfect anatomically correct bust. He's tried and tried to draw the perfect rack but fails. His skills as an artist are being brought into question and his friends doubt he'll ever complete his female superhero dr…
Introducing Tittygram- And Yes It’s A Real Thing! [VIDEO]
Move over Instagram, here's Tittygram and yes it's a real thing! When I first saw this video I thought it was fake, a lot of fun to watch, but fake. Well I guess I was wrong. As it turns out those crazy Russians are at it again and really do have a messaging service called Tittygram.
New App Will Make Your Breasts Bigger!
A new iPhone app called iAugment allows women who are considering breast augmentation to see how they would look with a new pair without actually having to go to the plastic surgeon to get an expensive and potentially embarrassing virtual visualization.
The app is simple enough to use: All you do is…