Two Computer A.I. Bots Have a Conversation [VIDEO]
Two computer A.I. bots have a hilarious conversation. We all wondered what would happen if an A.I. bot ended up having a conversion with another robot or computer. It turned out better than expected! One of the bots was programmed to be a smart ass and the other straight forward. While communicating…
What Are the Worst Passwords Being Used This Year?
You would think that by now people would be utilizing stronger passwords to protect themselves from unsuspecting hackers. However, a recent study indicates that a lot of us are still as careless as ever and using the same weak, highly hackable passwords.
Couple Has Their Wedding Officiated By a Computer [VIDEO]
Miguel Hanson and Diana Wesley of Houston, Texas had planned on having a friend officiate their wedding. But when that fell through, the two self-professed geeks simply coded a program for a virtual minister — named Reverend Bit — and had a computer do the job instead.