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Angela Sarafyan – Crush Of The Day [PICTURES]
Angela Sarafyan was born in Armenia and moved to the United States at the age of four. Finally! Immigration the whole country can get behind. We should be all for sneaking people into the country illegally so long as they are obscenely attractive and either immediately, or eventually, end up in a bi…
Salina Duplessis – Crush of the Day [PICTURES]
Salina Duplessis is an actress, writer, producer, and dare we say stone-cold stunner? Oh, we dare. She can dance you under the floorboards, has an impressive theater background, and is lately seen on shows like ‘White Collar’ and ‘Nurse Jackie.’
Victoria Justice – Crush of the Day [PICTURES]
We wish we were the brother of Victoria Justice’s best friend. The 18-year-old singer and actress has grown beyond Nickelodeon to writing songs for her own forthcoming pop album, and she was recently cast in the lead for the coming-of-age comedy ‘Fun Size.’
Victoria earned her stripes on Nickelodeon …
Zoe Saldana – Crush of the Day
Zoe Saldana is what happens when glamor has a torrid affair with talent. The New Jersey native is perhaps best known for her role as Britney Spears’ friend in the film Crossroads Star Trek’s Lt. Uhura, but her breakout role was the sexy (even to non-Furries) blue cat-lady Neytiri in Avatar.
You may h…
Ashlee Adams – Crush of the Day
You probably notice Ashlee Adams is a tattooed sexbomb crafty enough to break our hearts with a pair of librarian glasses. What you might not know is this two-time Penthouse Pet is an avid gamer, and if there’s anything sexier than a girl that will shoot you in the face, its one who …

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