Dog and Turtle Have an Epic Keep Away Battle [VIDEO]
We've all heard the story of the tortoise and the hair, but what about the dog and the turtle? Instead of a race these two engage in an epic game of keep away! This dog doesn't know what to think of this turtle trying to take off with his ball, but he doesn't like it. The turtle is pretty quick and …
Five Safety Tips for Your Pets this Fourth of July
Many of us have outdoor plans for the 4th of July. Backyard barbeques or maybe a day at the beach. No Independence Day celebration is complete without enjoying some fireworks. While your are planning your day, take a moment to consider your pets.
The Scariest Sounding Dog in the World [VIDEO]
I think this dog might be possessed! I'm not really sure why this dog is getting so pissed, maybe it doesn't like being hugged, or maybe it's tried of being spoken to in baby talk. For whatever reason this is without a doubt the scariest sounding dog ever. We've all heard the saying "It's bark …
Do NOT Leave Your Pets in The Car [VIDEO]
Too many times I see people leave their pets in the car while they run a quick errand into the store. PLEASE stop doing that. We all know your dog loves to ride in the car with you but they don't like to be left in the car!
Dog Goes Insane Over Leaf Blower [VIDEO]
It really is the little things in life which bring so much joy, like having a dog and leaf blower at the ready! Watch as this dog goes from cute and cuddly to the K-9 from hell when the wind starts blowing. Absolute hilarious! The best part is I'm sure the dog's having a great time,  …

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