Battle of the Street Drunks [NSFW VIDEO]
Two random drunk guys are being videoed stumbling down the street by friends when all of a sudden another random drunk enters the picture. Just goes to prove the point that for every drunk man, there's an equal but opposite drunk man. There's a lot of love in this video and puke, well mayb…
How to Get Rid of Your Drunk Neighbor [VIDEO]
We all have a neighbor or two that always seems to come around at the wrong time, or won't leave. When it's a drunk neighbor the problem escalates, but thanks to this video you'll be prepared next time.
Drunken Man Goes for Joyride on Airport Runway
An airport can be one of the quietest places in the world to spend Christmas Eve; that is as long as there isn’t a deviant bartender somewhere in the place feeding last-minute travelers a high-octane concoction of holiday despair and Makers Mark. At that point, everything from hurt f…

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