Remember When? My Favorite Easter T.V Specials
Remember when? I must have said this a hundred times over the past few weeks as we get ready for the Easter holiday.  A long, long, long ass time ago when I was young and DVD players or even VHS wasn't yet invented, one had to fully plan their movie and television watching or risk miss…
10 Things You Can Make With A Cadbury Creme Egg
You already know that the Easter-seasonal Cadbury Creme Egg is addictive, mouth-watering, one-of-a-kind and coveted the world over. But did you also know just how versatile an ingredient the Creme Egg can be when put to use in some of the most outlandish, Willy-Wonka-on-acid dessert delicacies?
Kids Are Afraid of the Easter Bunny! [VIDEO]
There is nothing more terrifying then the site of a big fluffy bunny to the children in these videos. I felt bad at one point because we were LOLing so hard while the poor little kiddos were screaming mad! Get in on the fun times and Watch the Hilarious Videos!
Cute Kids Getting Scared of the Easter Bunny [VIDEOS]
While the Easter bunny is generally well-regarded for its fluffy belly, alert ears and too-cute buck teeth, some humans just aren't so fond of the creature. We're talking about young kiddos who -- when faced with the giant creature every Easter holiday -- erupt into a fountain of tears, traumatic sc…
7 Fun Facts About Easter Candy
Easter candy: You love it, we love it, your hyperactive children love it. There's nothing like stuffing your mug with a few Cadbury Cream Eggs before breakfast.
But did you know ...