Paraglider Accidentally Takes Out Soccer Player
Paragliding is a fairly common stunt at soccer matches across the world, but like any stunt, these things can go wrong. This Ecuadorian soccer match is one example. The paragliders were supposed to land on the sidelines, but unfortunately something went wrong and the glider was blown right into th…
This News Blooper Is Great for a 10 Second Laugh
This video has all the things we love. It's blissfully short. It will make you laugh. It strongly highlights the importance of correct punctuation. Because when you don't insert commas and periods where they're needed, sometimes you accidentally tell people your coworker was murd…
20 Halloween Pumpkin Fails
Between your foolproof stencil of Justin Bieber's face and an endless supply of premium 99 cent carving tools, you probably envisioned yourself minutes away from that dreamy pop star pumpkin glowing all over your neighbors' jealous faces. What could go wrong?
15 Hilarious Infomercial ‘Fail’ GIFs
This could be the best thing that's happened to us today. We found a new Subreddit (courtesy of Daily Dot) dedicated solely to the moments in infomercials when people can't do simple things everybody else can do.
Watch This Moron Do a Cannonball Into a Frozen Pool
We're not certain what these guys were saying before the one in the swim trunks starts unleashing f-bombs every which way. That's your warning this is NSFW. Our guess is some type of pompousness was present considering his slayer signs and hand signals.
Watch the Worst Game Show Answers in TV History
This is how people humiliated themselves on television before reality TV. This compilation takes the best of people's hilariously embarrassing wrong answers from game shows old and new and puts them all in one place. So you can spend 13 minutes shaking your head and chuckling nonstop...

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