The World’s Biggest Catfish [VIDEO]
A monster catch! A guy fishing the river Rhone in France caught an 8 foot, 250 pound catfish! It's a record and personal best for Yuri Grisendi. I wonder how long it took him to land it? This thing will feed a family for a long. long time. They'll get sick of catfish before the filets run …
Fishing with Rockets on a Frozen Lake [VIDEO]
Every now and then you see something and say "Why didn't I think of that?" This is definitely one of those times! Some kids in Sweden were out on a frozen lake and one of them had a brilliant ideal. They shot rockets off underwater and under the ice creating an all new sport a…
The Drunk Fishing Championship [VIDEO]
Too drunk to fish? That's the point of this new sport, drunk fishing. It sounds Russian, if not it should be. If there was ever a sport in need of a world cup this is it!
Virginia Man Catches Scariest Fish Ever Seen
You know all those plans you had to go swimming this summer? Forget them. After you see the fish a Virginia man caught earlier this month, you're not even going to want to take a shower without a spear gun.
Virginia fisherman Caleb Newton caught a three-foot-long, 17-pound, six-ounce Northern sn…

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