Seahawks Fan Destroys Bronco [VIDEO]
So is this a prediction for what's to come this Sunday? A couple of Seahawks fans in Ferndale, Wa. who happen to work at a recycling yard called 'Scrap It' got together to show their team sprint as their Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos in this year's Super Bowl.
The Greatest Son Ever- Mom’s Going to the Super Bowl! [VIDEO]
This is the greatest video I've ever seen (this week). This guy is definitely up for the greatest son ever award, at least in my book! This is what it looks like to be a good son, he bought his mom tickets to this year's Super Bowl, PLUS airfare, hotel accommodations and even invited along…
The 2013 NFL Season in 160 Seconds [VIDEO]
Super Bowl Sunday is almost here! Hard to believe the big game is this weekend along with my unhealthy diet of cheese nachos, chili and junk food. Damn how I love Super Bowl Sunday! For me it's more about the party and killer eats than anything else. Sure the game's usually pretty good and the comme…

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