12 Pairs of Animal Best Friends
We don't know what the weather's like where you are, but it is a chilly, grey, rainy Monday here, so we need this. In fact, even if it's totally gorgeous where you are, these pictures and GIFs of animal best buds is probably worth a look. First of all, they're really cute. Second…
5 Reasons Not to Let a Friend Crash on Your Couch
Times are tough, folks. If our landlord suddenly decided to raise our rent or our student loans become unrelentingly high, we can only hope that our family and friends would swoop in to save the day; kind of like when we were children. Sadly, those days are long gone; but what about when we aren&Clo…
Your Annoying Childhood Friend Is Back
Annoying Childhood Friend, a new meme making the rounds today, is kind of like the ghost of friendships past. We all had a “pal” in our youth bend the rules to his advantage or sell you out when trouble arose.