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This News Blooper Is Great for a 10 Second Laugh
This video has all the things we love. It's blissfully short. It will make you laugh. It strongly highlights the importance of correct punctuation. Because when you don't insert commas and periods where they're needed, sometimes you accidentally tell people your coworker was murd…
‘Dragon Baby’ Is the Tot With the Iron Fists
We didn't realize it until today, but probably one of the best things about babies is that they can't beat the ever-loving bejeezus out of you. All it took to make us realize this truth is this video of a baby in a Bruce Lee jumpsuit going to town with fists of fury on a dragon.
Watch the Ultimate Misheard Lyrics Compilation
If you don't want to mishear these songs for the rest of your life, you maybe shouldn't watch this video. It's all the best misheard lyrics, compiled into one NSFW video, a video that will destroy listening to the radio for the rest of your life...

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