Game of Thrones

12 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Joffrey
People really hate King Joffrey! And with good reason! But like most things in life, not everything is purely black and white. Though not often depicted on ‘Game of Thrones,’ King Joffrey had a good side to him – a sensitive side -- that not many people know about. Let’s …
Game of Thrones Goat Version! [VIDEO]
Brilliant, simply brilliant! Of all the videos on the net I might have found the single most culturally significant and masterfully crafted video of them all! Who wouldn't want to see the Game of Thrones intro over dubbed using goats?
The ‘Game of Thrones’ Theme Song, As Sung by Goats
Maybe you find yourself listening to the 'Game of Thrones' theme song and thinking it's missing something, and if you're a particularly creative individual, maybe you think that something is farm animals. We've heard many variations on the 'Game of Thrones' theme song, from vintage video game recrea…

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