Backyard Makeover- The Bird Bath [VIDEO]
We men are simple. Give us a patch of green grass, and a patio to sit on, and we're pretty content. But once in a while, you'll want to add something to the recipe for a nice evening out. In this case, it's a birdbath. Here are the simple steps to ensure it's done right.
Time to do Some Gardening [Pics]
As I grow comfortably into my 30's, I have discovered the bitchin' world of flowers and gardening. It's a manly thing, and every man should know how. Let's hit the basics.
5 Extreme Garden Ornaments to Spice Up Your Backyard
Sometimes a small fountain or fishpond just isn’t enough when it comes to giving your garden that extra kick you need to make it one-of-a-kind. If you want your children and friends to applaud your audacity and imagination in the home-and-gardening sphere, an extreme garden ornament …