Your Week in Awesome Gifs – Election Reaction Edition
You know how we love our reaction GIFs -- those tiny moving pictures that always seem to best capture how we feel. Here, we have a special lineup of reaction GIFs for the election. No matter if you're an Obama supporter, a fan of Obama, or the rest of the world, we have a reaction GIF here just…
This Is The Only Dodgeball GIF You’ll Ever Need
Dodgeball is a rite of passage for millions, whether you've got the coordination and skill to catch a ball, or just get brutally pounded by your classmates with rubber balls while the coach laughs.
For everybody who ever hated dodgeball, this GIF is for you.
Presenting Even More GIFs with Sound!
Hopefully you watched the first installment of GIFs with sound so many times it is indelibly imprinted in your memory (if not, it's here). We loved it so much, and now we have a second installment to keep us satisfied. It's going to be a good Monday after all...