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Christopher Lee…The Metal Head [VIDEO]
Many people knew the great character actor Christopher Lee as a master villain. With roles like Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Francisco Scaramanga and Count Dooku under his belt, he was ooooh so good at being oooooh so bad.
Baby Sings Death Metal and Kills it! [VIDEO]
One of the funniest videos you'll see today, maybe this week especially if you're a metal fan! It's a perfect example of good parenting and allowing your children to explore their musical interests.
The Death Metal Camel! [VIDEO]
It's just one of the greatest videos in YouTube history! Better yet, it's one of the greatest videos of all time! Earlier today around the water cooler we started talking about some of our all time favorite videos and I brought up the 'Death Metal Camel'. It's never gets old…
Father’s Reaction To Heavy Metal Music
When you are born into a generation full of Rhythm'n'Blues Rockabilly, 1960's early pop music, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, mods and rockers like The Rolling Stones, and mainstream protest songs like Fortunate Son by CCR, you can only imagine how someone would react to hearing heavy m…
Local Licks at Six- Southern Heretics
Last Friday night (06-07-13) Southern Heretics stopped by the studios and hung out with us for Z94's 'Local Licks @ Six'. Despite being on a tight schedule they still made time to be a part of the show. As our featured artist on the program we finally had the opportunity to talk with the band and pl…
British College First To Offer Heavy Metal Degree
Imagine getting college credit for studying Metallica and Iron Maiden and playing metal gigs. Sounds like something metalheads might dream up after a long night of partying, but a college in the U.K. is doing just that. Beginning this fall, New College Nottingham will offer a two-year degree in…

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