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How to Mispronounce Words [VIDEO]
I don't know about you, but I make regular use of "How to Pronounce" videos on Youtube and Google. It's a fast and convenient way to see a word phonetically spelled out and spoken out loud that makes it clear and easy.
Learn How To Make Boiled Water [VIDEO]
I can't believe it's taken this long for someone, hell anyone to make a detailed video on the finer arts of how to boil water. Where was this a few weeks ago when I tried and failed to correctly boil some water?
How to Open a Closed Gate [VIDEO]
Finally there's an instructional video on how to open a closed gate. I'm really surprised it's taken this long! If like myself you struggle with opening gates, this video is for you. This guy goes into the finer points on gate opening like pushing versus pulling. A real must see!
How to Properly Skin a Watermelon [VIDEO]
You're just a few short minutes away from learning how to properly skin a watermelon impressing the hell out of everyone at your next party or backyard BBQ. While Summer is quickly coming to an end a lot of people, especially fair weather grillers, consider Labor Day weekend the last big get togethe…