New iPad Air vs Airsoft MP7 [VIDEO]
Is it just me, or is technology constantly slipping in durability with every new generation? Honestly, it blows my mind that smartphones still crack when you drop them. Can they not invent a new plastic polymer that works like glass, yet is as durable as a Glock? Case and point, this guy throws dirt…
Puppies Make Sweet Music on iPad
It seems animals just can't get enough of the iPad. And now comes a video of Yorkie/Bichon puppies banging away on the device while attempting to make music. Is this the cutest example of animals using the tablet yet? We vote yes.
Tech-Savvy Bear Steals iPad
Campers at Jenks Lake in California's San Bernardino National Forest got an unexpected visitor over the weekend when a bear sauntered into camp and stole a backpack containing an iPad. Not that we blame him, of course. Those things are expensive!
Another Use For An iPad [VIDEO]
The Apple iPad can be used for so many cool things like sending emailing, video conferencing , listening to your favorite radio station ( radiopup ) and so much more. But keep in mind if your are bothering your brother it can be used for something else.
Bernie Madoff’s Pants Recycled Into iPad Cases
Back in June, possessions belonging to the notorious Ponzi-schemer Bernie Madoff were auctioned off, with the proceeds going towards his victims. Among the books, chairs, and Rolex watches were his pricey clothes, many of which were purchased by entrepreneur John Vaccaro, who has turned Madoff&…

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