Man Burns Down His House on Live Stream [VIDEO]
A real life example of Darwinism in action. While most live streams on the internet are centered around education and entertainment, this guy takes his live stream to a whole new level and different direction. He burns down his house or apartment on a live internet stream! It's in Japanese, but…
Behold the Japanese Cream Prank! [VIDEO]
Those crazy Japanese people and their weird T.V. shows. I think Japan is the only other country anywhere near as strange as Russia. Between the two they must count for more than half of the insanity online when it comes to videos. Someday they will take the cats place as the most popular thing on th…
Wacky and Weird Japanese Commercials [VIDEO]
You can learn a lot about a different culture by studying their art, customs, architecture, religion and values. You can also learn a lot about them by watching their T.V. commercials! Lets face it, Japan is weird! Of course we're probably just as weird to them as they are to us.
Wild Japanese Game Shows [VIDEOS]
Someone mentioned to me last night that I haven't hit up Japan's uncanny ability to be the strangest place on Earth in quite some time. Let's change it up!
Stampeding Rabbits Give Chase for Food! [VIDEO]
Most of us, unless you're new to Lawton, Fort Sill, have been to Elmer Thomas Park to feed the ducks, geese and of course the prairie dogs. If you haven't yet, or if it's been awhile since your last visit, head to the park.
Japan’s ‘Cuddle Cafe’ Offers Human Butt Pillows
There is a cutting-edge, new brothel located in Japan’s Red-Light District that has been generating quite a buzz with a menu of non-traditional services ranging from hand holding, hugs and now, butt pillows.
Since opening its doors last year, Soineya’s 'cuddle café' has built its reputation on provid…

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