Jason Sudeikis

Is This the Bloodiest SNL Sketch Ever?
Although SNL is known for frequently pushing the boundaries of good taste, it tends to favor comedy of the sexual and political nature above anything else. That's why a certain sketch on last night's Kristen Wiig-hosted episode proved to be a massive shock -- it's not every day that t…
SNL Tackles Gun Control Law
SNL hasn't been too political in recent months, but last night's cold open saw the show jump right back into current events, taking on all of the recent movement on gun control laws...or lack thereof. In true SNL fashions, both sides of the debate come out looking pretty moronic.
SNL Invites You to the “Biden Bash”
As much as we enjoy Jay Pharoah's President Obama, he has nothing on Jason Sudeikis' Joe Biden. In the vast land of SNL political impressions, the veteran cast member's take on the Vice President of the United States is definitely top tier, generally stealing the spotlight from whoever else he is sh…