The Main Reason I Fear Getting Older [VIDEO]
As I grow older I fear many things and some have actually began to happen like hair in my ears and flabby arms, but this video is the real reason that I fear getting old. It completely scares me to death that these idiots well be taking care of me when I am in my 70's and 80's.  I AM …
Another Use For An iPad [VIDEO]
The Apple iPad can be used for so many cool things like sending emailing, video conferencing , listening to your favorite radio station ( radiopup ) and so much more. But keep in mind if your are bothering your brother it can be used for something else.
Freak Bounce House Accident Injures 13 [VIDEO]
A group of bounce houses became a house of horrors over the weekend on a soccer field in Long Island.
Strong winds propelled three of the houses into the air Saturday at the Oceanside United Soccer Club, injuring 13 people, including some children who were inside the playhouses.

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