Will Superman Face Black Zero in ‘Man of Steel’?
Other than the footage of 'Man of Steel' we saw at Comic-Con, and the two teaser trailers we saw featuring the voices of both Clark Kent's human father (Kevin Costner) and his Kryptonian father (Russell Crowe), we've still yet to learn the details about what major trials Superman will be facing in Z…
Occupy Wall Street: Lego Collection [VIDEO]
Agree or disagree with the Occupy Wall Street movement everyone can agree this is funny as hell! It's Occupy Wall Street "Civil Unrest" Lego collection. I can't even imagine how long this took to make.
Check Out This Lego Sub-Machine Gun That Shoots Lego Bullets [VIDEO]
Using only Legos and rubber bands, Jack Streat was able to build a fully-functional  replica of a Heckler & Koch UMP 45 sub machine gun.
This is far from the only time Streat has fashioned a potentially dangerous thing out of Legos;  he was able to build a working chainsaw out of the const…