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Women’s Football League Drops Lingerie For Legends
In general, the words lingerie and football have about as much in common as the words meth addict and day care. Maybe that's why the all-female Lingerie Football League just changed their brand name to the Legends Football League.  You will be relieved to know that they didn't ch…
Beauty And She is A Beast [VIDEO]
Yesterday the boys of the NFL weren't the only ones giving out some punishment with violent goaline collision. Maybe the best collision of the weekend was in the Lingerie Football League.
Lingerie Football League Needs More Fights [VIDEO]
The Lingerie Football League is still alive and punting. Hey, if the WNBA can survive, there is no reason women in their underwear playing football can’t find a niche audience. The LFL needs is a hook. Something to keep eyeballs glued to TVs when watching women run around in their un…