The Mystical Glock Rainbow Milk Trick! [VIDEO]
Anytime science experiments include guns I'm in! YouTube's Matt V2099 has another hilariously informative video that combines guns and food, which he's famous for. Matt V2099 makes videos that torture test Glock brand firearms. He's done everything from the standard mud, dirt, oil, excessive rapid f…
This Guy has a Bread and Milk Meltdown! [VIDEO]
Let's face it, Oklahoma isn't use to all the snow and ice that 'Mother Nature' is dumping on us the past few days. With the recent snow fall being so early it makes me wonder what she has in store for us this Winter. From what everyone's been saying this could be one of the …
Can Milk Prevent HIV?
As the old saying goes, milk does a body good. But in addition to strong teeth and healthy bones, milk may also have the power to protect against HIV.