1943 Penny Sells for $1 Million — Dollars and Sense
How much is a penny really worth these days? Well, if it happens to be a 1943 Lincoln, it is likely worth a pretty penny, as one has reportedly just sold for $1 million.
Experts say the reason this rare coin is so valuable is because back when it was manufactured at the San Francisco Mint, it was mis…
Man Fakes ‘Bingo’ Then Returns $400 Jackpot
What has 100 balls and screws old ladies? This guy.
Bingo brings out the worst in humanity. The competitive thrill of shouting “BINGO!” when finding out you’ve won is unlike any feeling known to man. Elderly men and women bask in the glory of playing and winning this game but the fact that a western …
Man Donates Suit To Goodwill And Loses Life Savings[VIDEO]
An elderly 80-year-old Illinois man decided to be generous this holiday season and donate some clothes to the local Goodwill in Moline, Illinois which include a suit coat the only problem is the elderly man  doesn't  trust banks, had kept his life savings of $13,000 sewn inside the lining of one of…

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