Motorcross Rider Runs into Maniac in the Woods! [VIDEO]
It's like a real life horror movie! What would you do if you ran across an axe wielding maniac while riding your dirt bike in the woods? I can tell you this much, I sure wouldn't stop to talk with him. If there was ever a good reason to rip the throttle all the way down this would be it! I…
Video Captures Fatal Motorcycle Crash [VIDEO]
WARNING: This video may be disturbing to some viewers! A man captures a video from his helmet cam of his own fatal motorcycle accident. A first person view of a horrific wreck that ultimately took the life of this motorcyclist.
Helmet Cam Captures Horrific Motorcycle Crash [VIDEO]
A couple of cyclists ripping down the roadway splitting traffic and narrowly dodging cars ends abruptly when one of them rear ends a vehicle. Check out this insane footage captured by a helmet cam from the person riding behind him, it's pretty scary.
Learn How to Make a Campfire With a Harley [VIDEO]
With it being Labor Day weekend maybe you're thinking about doing some camping.  Your plans might include going to the lake or mountains, if so and your taking your bike this video could be of some help. Learn how to make a campfire using your Harley! After all those marshmallows and hotdo…
Motorcycle Airbags a Reality [VIDEO]
There's been a lot of discussion lately about the possibilities of a motorcycle airbag system. So far it hasn't been practical and the systems were more dangerous to the rider than any safety benefits. That's all about to change, Ducati has developed a motorcycle airbag system that us…

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