Hiker Comes Face to Face with a Large Mountain Lion! [VIDEO]
This guy comes face to face with a large mountain lion while hiking at Glacier National Park. Just goes to show that you never know what you'll encounter while enjoying the great outdoors. Luckily for this hiker the cat wasn't too hungry and seems more confused by his presence than anythin…
This Owl Shows Us What Not Caring Really Looks Like [VIDEO]
I don't know what's more interesting. Seeing this owl out during daylight hours, or watching it being attacked and not doing anything about it. This owl truly doesn't care, it just sits there bored as smaller birds, maybe sparrows dive bomb it repeatedly.
Man Releases Pet Mouse into the Wild, Big Mistake! [VIDEO]
It's definitely not like Disney films! Nature can be a very cruel and unforgiving thing. In the tooth, claw and nail world of wildlife it's truly survival of the fittest! This guy found out the hard way when he released his pet mouse Whiskers into the forest. It was a glorious thing for al…
Octopus Launches Itself Out of the Water to Get a Crab [VIDEO]
Damn nature you scary! This is one of the craziest videos I've seen in awhile. I've never seen an octopus go on land before to get at prey. I figured they could if they had to, but never thought I'd actually see it happen. Watch as a crab fights for it's life as this octopus laun…

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