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This Guy Falls and Fails Hard on Live TV [VIDEO]
This guy falls and fails hard during an early morning live TV report. Slow it down, next time I'd suggest walking by the camera. I can't tell if it's the cameraman or one of the news anchors back at the studio that starts laughing, but he certainly adds to the fail.
Man Catcalls Woman During an Anti Catcalling News Report [VIDEO]
An all new low and example of extreme douchebaggery, if this is real this guy has to be one of the stupidest S.O.B's around. During a news report about sexism and catcalling this guy takes a different approach and thinks woman actually like being catcalled. I'm sure this guy will end up fo…
Fox News Anchor Makes Baby Cry
You might remember Titus, the free-throw wunderkind whose awesome talent sparked a viral video earlier this year. If not, here you go! Now that we've provided some context for this awesome toddler, let's watch a Fox News anchor make him cry.