What’s Coming to Lawton on S.W. Lee Blvd? [POLL]
There's been a lot of construction on S.W. Lee Blvd around the 37th block next to Archer's Corner and across from the Walmart Neighborhood Market. It's right before you get to the intersection of Lee and 38th Street.
Cali Burrito Celebrates 3 Years of Great Mexican Food!
Cali Burrito is celebrating 3 years of business and great Mexican food all this month. A Lawton favorite with some of the best burritos in town, better yet anywhere! Being so close to the studios we go there all the time for lunch. It's fast, fresh and fantastic. If you haven't experienced…
Win Free Tickets to Lawton’s Super Fight Night!
It's time to separate the mouthy from the mighty! Get ready for Lawton's "Super Fight Night" coming to the Great Plains Coliseum Saturday, February 10th (02-10-18) featuring pro and amateur M.M.A. fights with "Fists of Fury" and the "Original To…
Police Taser Woman Destroying Taco Bell Restaurant [VIDEO]
This lady lost it at a Taco Bell and started destroying the place. That's when police showed up and ended her rampage with the use of a taser. I have to just it's very satisfying to watch and her garbled screams and yelling, flopping around on the ground like a fish while being shocked is …
Uma Thurman’s Car Crash on the Set of Kill Bill [VIDEO]
This footage has been buried for the past 15 years and was just released. Watch as Uma Thurman crashes her car during filming on the set of Kill Bill Vol. 1 directed by Quentin Tarantino. She suffered permanent damage to her neck due to the accident.

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