New Lice Law For Texas Schools Now in Effect
Head lice is a nightmare no parent or child ever wants to experience, yet it's a problem that persists in many schools every year. A new Texas law now determines what public elementary school nurses must do when they discover lice on a child.
Fireworks 101: Never Light an Artillery Shell Indoors! [VIDEO]
While I'm sure alcohol was involved, after all no sober, sane person thinks it's a good ideal to light an artillery shell in your garage with all the doors shut and locked. These guys get a lot more than they expected! For your safety and the safety of others follow fireworks 101 and don&a…
A Quick Guide to Lawton, Fort Sill Fireworks Laws and Bans [VIDEO]
Here's a quick video guide on the current firework laws for Lawton, Fort Sill. By now I'm sure you've noticed the lack of firework stands within the city limits. If you've been paying attention there's not a single stand in town, not one. Well that's because the city co…
OK Wildlife Dept Crews Are Sinking New Habitat for Spring
As if the warm temps weren't the cue, sinking trees signifies that it's time to get back on the water.
Now I'm sure there are a few year-round-warriors that hit the lake every single day, but that's not in the cards for the majority of people...

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