NFL 2012 Season — Week Four Recap
The New York Giants missed a chance to secure a divisional win, while Arizona and Atlanta each needed late field goals to remain unbeaten. Here's a recap of all of Sunday's action:
The Honeymoon Return is Over for NFL Referees
For three weeks NFL fans have subjected to torture with replacements referees of their beloved Thursday, Sunday, and Monday games. Late last week the fans were granted an eight year reprieve when the NFL struck a deal with the regular referees and they were promptly returned to the game of football.…
Did Tom Brady Just Curse at the NFL Officials?
New England Patriots' star quarterback Tom Brady is often seen as the consummate professional, complete with Most Valuable Player awards, Super Bowl rings and a series of conquests that make George Clooney jealous. However, after officials reviewed his 4-yard, game-tying touchdown run late in the th…

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