Superman Soars in New ‘Man of Steel’ Poster
Though we're now in the midst of 2013's summer season of movies, it's kind of surprising that 'Man of Steel' is only a month away. We're starting to see TV ads and the like pop up everywhere now, and to get us excited for its arrival there's now a new poster.
New ‘Man of Steel’ Banner Lets Superman Stand Tall
Everything we've heard about 'Man of Steel' suggests that it will be one of the films to beat this summer, an epic superhero adventure unlike anything else coming out this year. So why isn't the marketing selling that movie? A new banner for the highly anticipated film …
‘Dexter’ Final Season Poster: Dark Passenger Under Wraps
We know that 'Dexter' season 8 will prove the final year for Showtime's beloved serial killer, but the real question lies in who -- if not Dexter himself -- will survive the final cut. Plenty of fans have their money on certain supporting characters getting the figurative (and possibly literal) axe,…

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