5 Band Reunions We’d Love To See — But Never Will
Some band breakups are more acrimonious than others. While some splits are rife with bitterness and lawsuits, others are just cases of musicians going their separate ways, amicably.
We always wonder what the chances of our favorite groups getting back together are; The Eagles famously said they&Close…
10 Returning Soldiers Reuniting With Their Dogs
Veteran's Day is one of the greatest American holiday, because we get to celebrate those who have and are still serving our country. It's one of the greatest sacrifices; these men and women are leaving their loved ones to risk their lives for us. For that, we give them a sincere thank you.
Blur Planning 2013 Tour
Last August, Blur frontman Damon Albarn said the band's Hyde Park show would be "definitely our last gig in this country this year and probably for a long time" -- but despite initial fears that Blur would be calling it quits, it looks like they'll be hitting the road aga…
Black Sabbath to Confirm Reunion on 11/11/11?
Legendary metal pioneers Black Sabbath have placed a cryptic mystery message on their official website. Posted on the official Black Sabbath website, the simple message showcases the classic purple Black Sabbath logo with “11-11-11″ beneath it. The message has created a unique buzz throu…