New Movies: ‘Riddick’
The fall movie season generally sees a huge rush of films aiming for Oscar gold. Well, looks like that'll have to wait at least one week. They're probably just scared of Vin Diesel. (To be clear, there are a bunch of smaller movies coming out, but in very limited release.)
‘Riddick’ Review
It should have been called ‘No Homo: The Movie.’
Vin Diesel, whose entire career feels like homage to the musclebound machismo of the 1980s, has possibly reached the peak – by which I mean, nadir – of his search for the meaning of virility. ‘Riddick,’ the overdue, and largely unwanted, third installm…
New ‘Riddick’ Image Shows Vin Diesel in Action
Vin Diesel has a lot riding on 'Riddick,' the third film in the franchise that kickstarted his career with 'Pitch Black' and then almost ended it with 'The Chronicles of Riddick.' The 'Fast and the Furious' star hasn't been shy about his love for Riddick and has spent the better part of year offerin…
‘Riddick’ Receives its MPAA Rating; And the Verdict Is?
The latest 'Riddick' adventure starring Vin Diesel is in the can and awaiting distribution. We're still unsure of when it will come out (Universal will release it sometime in 2013), but what we do know is what it will be rated. Did it go the PG-13 route of 'The Chronicles of Riddick', or did it stic…