Crazy Russian Military Rocket Fail [VIDEO]
This is one of the last things you would ever want to see when testing out a military rocket. What goes up, must go down! Those crazy Russians are at it again, thank God someone captured this fail on video for us all to enjoy. I don't speak Russian, but you really don't need a translator o…
How to Make a Tinfoil Matchbox Rocket [VIDEO]
You too can learn how to make a tinfoil matchbox rocket! I remember making these as a kid when all the other left over fireworks from Fourth of July and New Years were shot up. So watch the video grab your supplies and get after it. WARNING: build and shoot at your own risk!
NASA Tests New Space Launch System Booster Rocket [VIDEO]
It's the most powerful rocket booster ever made! It was built to get NASA's Orion spacecraft into deep space, even all the way to Mars. It's an impressive test that shows just how big and powerful the S.L.S (Space Launch System) rocket is. I can't image seeing it vertical and att…
Fishing with Rockets on a Frozen Lake [VIDEO]
Every now and then you see something and say "Why didn't I think of that?" This is definitely one of those times! Some kids in Sweden were out on a frozen lake and one of them had a brilliant ideal. They shot rockets off underwater and under the ice creating an all new sport a…
SpaceX Test Rocket Explodes While in Flight [VIDEO]
An amateur video of a test rocket exploding during mid flight has surfaced on the interwebs. SpaceX, a Texas based company who makes the F9R (Falcon 9 rocket) recently held a test launch of the unmanned rocket, unfortunately it didn't end well.