This Guy Falls and Fails Hard on Live TV [VIDEO]
This guy falls and fails hard during an early morning live TV report. Slow it down, next time I'd suggest walking by the camera. I can't tell if it's the cameraman or one of the news anchors back at the studio that starts laughing, but he certainly adds to the fail.
Insane Real Life Indiana Jones Bolder Run [VIDEO]
This has to be one of the coolest 4-K fun runs I've ever seen! It's a real life Indiana Jones bolder run where people literally run for their lives and try not to get run over by a giant Zorb ball. I'd love to try this! Speaking of awesome fun runs check out the Red River Best Chevy D…
See Over 800 Santas Running in Germany
Roughly 800 people put on Santa costumes for the Fourth Annual Michendorf Santa Run in Michendorf, Germany. The race is sponsored by Laufclub Michendorf (which translated means Michendorf Running Club, imagine that) and is 10 kilometers long. You can't quite tell from these pictures, but it actually…
The Real Reason Guys Love The Olympic Summer Games! [VIDEO]
What is it about the Summer Olympic games guys love so much? Is it the spirit of competition, the feats of strength and athleticism? Could it be the sportsmanship and Camaraderie among nations and participants? Or maybe it's just watching and cheering on the U.S.A.