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‘Gangster Squad’ Review
Dirty Harry would love 'Gangster Squad,' a movie about cops who operate so far outside the law they make Clint Eastwood's signature detective look like a pencil-pushing dweeb. Assembled by LAPD police chief Bill Parker (Nick Nolte), and supposedly inspired by a true story, the members of the so-call…
6 ‘Gangster Squad’ Clips: Watch the All-Star Cast in Action
'Gangster Squad' -- featuring an all-star cast including Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Sean Penn and Josh Brolin -- hits theaters next week, and we're excited to see one of the most anticipated movies of the new year on the big screen. While Warner Bros. released a number of trailers, posters, images an…
‘Gangster Squad’ Reveals Character Posters
Looks like the 'Gangster Squad' marketing has recovered from the movie's delay and reshoots, as we're now being bombarded with looks at the film. Now there's five character posters that help show the look and feel of the fillm.
Emma Stone to Jay Leno – I Kicked Ryan Gosling in the Throat [VIDEO]
Filming a scene with Ryan Gosling that evokes the iconic lift from ‘Dirty Dancing’ might seem like fun. But for starlet Emma Stone, it brought back a painful childhood memory and earned her co-star several kicks in the throat.
On last night’s ‘Tonight Show,’ Stone said she was filled with terror over…