Trench Caves In While During OSHA Inspection [VIDEO]
The irony of this is so ironic! An Oregon OSHA safety inspector visits a job site and immediately warns of unsafe conditions and a possible cave in of a trench a crew was working on. He starts to film his conversation with those on site and the job foreman then the unexpected happens.
Learn How to Dock a Boat Like a Boss [VIDEO]
You too can learn how to dock a boat like a BOSS! It's a lot harder than it looks and those who are good at it like this guy, really make it look easy. It's hard enough to do sober, much less drunk or buzzed.
Never Leave Your Kids in the Car! [VIDEO]
This guy shows you exactly why you never leave your kids or pets in the car. Every year we hear of tragic instances where people have left their kids or pets in a hot car and they died. This is completely avoidable! The inside of a vehicle can reach extreme temperatures quickly, it doesn't even…
What Are the Most Reliable Cars on the Road Today?
The latest automotive reliability survey from Consumer Reports came out this week, and Toyota leads the way. Ford, which had been rising in the ranks recently, fell back this year: it now ranks second-to-last among all auto manufacturers.