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Halloween Scare Pranks- Dead People [VIDEO]
One of the best things about Halloween and this time of year is scare pranks! I've been spending some quality time on Just For Laughs Gags YouTube channel today watching scare pranks. If you haven't seen the possessed dolls video yet, watch it here. After seeing that one I found this one. See how pe…
Halloween Scare Prank- The Possessed Doll [VIDEO]
Another great scare prank from Just for Laughs Gags and just in time for Halloween! Scare pranks are one of the best things about the Halloween holiday and season. Watch as unsuspecting people get the fright of their lives from a possessed doll at an antique shop.
Vampire in the City Halloween Prank [VIDEO]
Another brilliantly demented scare prank just in time for Halloween! Watch Edbassmaster of terrorize the city streets dressed up like a vampire! Unlike real horror, the reactions of his victims are priceless. I don't know what's funnier, those who are absolutely terrified, or t…
The Scary Snowman Halloween Special [VIDEO]
He's back! Everyone's favorite frozen, frosty friend. Not Frosty, Scary Snowman! It might not be snowing yet, but that hasn't stopped Scary Snowman from hitting the streets and terrorizing anyone and everyone that happens to walk by. Watch the Halloween  special and see the …
Monster Mirror Halloween Prank From Pepsi Max [VIDEO]
An awesome Halloween scare prank from Pepsi Max. These guys have come up with some of the best and funniest videos around. Remember the Jeff Gordon test drive? If not click here and give it a watch. Well Pepsi Max is back at it again!
Scary Snowman St. Patrick’s Day Edition [VIDEO]
Scary Snowman is back and just in time for St. Patrick's Day! Watch as he scares up some fun and terrorizes the general public, more like green beer drunks. Every holiday is better when scary snowman's around. Have a happy and safe St. Paddy's Day!
The Greatest Halloween Scare Prank Compilation Ever! [VIDEO]
This scare prank compilation has it all, from funny to truly frightening. There's nothing like a good scare prank and with Halloween just around the turn this video is full of great ideals to scare friends, family and of course unsuspecting trick or treaters. It's entertaining and educatio…
Scary Office Prank Pulled on Interns [VIDEO]
Some scare pranks are better than others and this one certainly ranks high. It's another outstanding and frightening example of a great Halloween scare prank pulled perfectly! These guys decided to prank some interns at their office.
The Zombie Phone Prank [VIDEO]
The zombie phone prank! Jack Vale of Jack Vale Films on hits the streets with a smart phone and asks people to take his picture. When they do they see something odd in the frame, a child zombie! Some freak out, others crack up. Okay, so it's a scare prank kinda day!
Halloween Scare Prank Compilation [VIDEO]
It's that glorious time of year again...Fall and with it comes one of my all time favorite holidays, Halloween! I've already started my annual unhealthy diet of candy and snacks along with late nights of horror movie watching. Along with all the parties, costumes, decorations and candy Hal…

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