Student Startled Awake During Lecture
It's usually pretty easy to discreetly catch a few Z's during a college lecture. However, this kid was caught in the act thanks to his ferocious snoring and sudden upwards leap. Sitting in the front row certainly didn't help!
The Main Reason I Fear Getting Older [VIDEO]
As I grow older I fear many things and some have actually began to happen like hair in my ears and flabby arms, but this video is the real reason that I fear getting old. It completely scares me to death that these idiots well be taking care of me when I am in my 70's and 80's.  I AM …
Back To School Eve – The Marathon Is Over
Today is Wednesday. To most people it is mid week or "Hump-Day." But for my house, this is "Back To School Eve!" And I have just finished the marathon of all marathon's. Yes the draining of my wallet and gas tank doing the back to school shopping.
Healthier School Lunches
School children would have to hold the fries — and pick up more whole grains, fruits and vegetables — on the lunch line under proposed new federal standards for school lunches.