The Seagulls on Laxatives Prank – an Instant Classic! [VIDEO]
This could be one of the greatest pranks ever caught on film, it's sure to become an instant classic! Introducing the seagulls on laxatives prank! I have no ideal just how bored you'd have to be to come up with this, but I'm glad these kids found a way to pass the time. It's a typical hot Summer day…
Humans Get Their Revenge on Thieving Seagulls [VIDEO]
Seagulls have been on quite a crime spray as of late, stealing everything from cameras to golf balls to hamburgers.
In the video below, humanity was able to exert a bit of revenge on the thieving birds with a simple trick involving some french fries and a glass windshield. Watch the rats of the sky g…
Seagulls are Robbing People Blind [VIDEOS]
Tired of being called “rats with wings,” seagulls are finally exacting their revenge by stealing big-ticket items. From video cameras to sports equipment to a whole lotta lunches, watch as seagulls become the animal kingdom's sticky-fingered answer to Lindsay Lohan:
Seagull steals video camera